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"Still Serving America" is the motto of The American Legion. Veterans who continue their service to America by still serving their communities. Veterans whose involvement in the community creates and supports the feeling of camaraderie which makes The American Legion the nation's largest and the most respected organization of wartime veterans. 

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The American Legion is...


"Still Serving America" is the motto of The American Legion. Veterans who continue their service to America by still serving their communities. Veterans whose involvement in the community creates and supports the feeling of camaraderie which makes The American Legion the nation's largest and the most respected organization of wartime veterans. 



The following are just a few of the ways our members are "Still Serving America."


Needy children and families received more than $6 million in cash and goods.

Deserving high school students were awarded $3.8 million in college scholarships.

Local charity campaigns received over $10 million in donations.

Legion members donated over 2.7 million hours of service to their communities.

Legion Posts provided over $2 million in emergency aid to veterans last year.

Over $30 million was spent by The American Legion and its affiliated organizations for the benefit of children and youth last year.

Legionnaires across the country donate almost 2 million hours each year in the VA's Voluntary Service Program, helping veterans who are patients in VA medical facilities.

The Legion's Family Support Network has helped thousands of family members of reserve military personnel called to active duty with every day needs from simple household repairs to financial assistance.

That's veterans "Still Serving America." It's people helping people. It's Americans taking care of America. And the impressive part of the activities cited above is the fact that they were achieved by only half of the Legion's 15,000 chartered Posts!


As a Legion member, you will open an unending catalog of opportunities to expand your life and utilize your unique talents. To more fully understand the scope of American Legion membership, we invite you to take just a few minutes to review the following information.


For more information on The American Legion visit us on the World Wide Web at:






The American Legion Gives Back More Than It Takes





NBC-TV News Anchorman


In 1957 I had the privilege of being elected Governor of South Dakota Boys State. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my young life. Even now I can remember the excitement of that week. How we learned how government functioned, the challenges and responsibilities of being in public service and the political spotlight. I can even remember some of the press coverage that 1 received that week. Furthermore, I made friends that week that are friends to this day. We have grown and shared together a lifetime of experiences that started with South Dakota Boys State.


A program of government instruction and citizenship training for high school students, American Legion Boys State has been the catalyst for careers in politics or government service for many nationally prominent Americans. NBC-TV news anchorman, Tom Brokaw, was one.




New York Yankees 2nd Baseman


It seems like most of my life I have been telling people how I feel about The American Legion Baseball Program. It can influence your life, whether you're a player, a coach, a sponsor, a civic leader, or a volunteer who makes the competition possible. From college scholarships to professional ethics, American Legion Baseball is the one program that sets an example for others. As America continues to grow, and our society continues to provide a diverse set of experiences for our youth, I believe American Legion Baseball has been and will continue to be among the best programs for grooming all-around leaders.












 Through the following community and youth-oriented programs The American Legion strives to further a strong sense of patriotism and loyalty.

American Legion Baseball. For many years, one of our country's best-known and most respected amateur athletic programs, Legion ball has been the training ground for many of our major league stars. Each year, about 90,000 boys experience the benefits of good sportsmanship and team play.


Boys State/Boys Nation. American Legion Posts select outstanding high school students to attend Boys State/Boys Nation every year. During the week-long program, participants receive instruction on citizenship and experience first-hand how their state and federal governments function.


High School Oratorical Competitions.  High school students vie for college scholarships awarded by The American Legion by demonstrating their knowledge of the United States Constitution in public speaking contests on local, state and national levels.


Scouting Sponsorship. Legion Posts sponsor approximately 2,500 Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing crews each year to foster wholesome development of America's youth. Annually, The American Legion awards the Eagle Scout of the Year with a college scholarship.


Flag Education. Through this program, our youth are taught flag etiquette and proper display of the United States Flag.


Scholarship Information. "Need a Lift?" is the Legions annual publication providing information for high school students on the "hows and wheres" of obtaining college financial aid. The booklet is distributed nationally to all public and private high schools. In addition, the Samsung American Legion Scholarship Program is available for those students who are direct descendants of U.S. wartime veterans. Scholarships are for undergraduate study at accredited U.S. colleges and universities.


School Awards. Posts award local elementary through high school students with special recognition honoring outstanding leadership, academic excellence and other character-building qualities.


Junior Shooting Sports. Local Legion Posts offer youth air rifle competition and basic gun safety instruction.


Patriotic Holiday Observances. Since 1919, The American Legion has been our country's leader in the observance of patriotic holidays, sponsoring marching bands, color guards and drill teams.


Children and Youth. Our Children and Youth program has three main objectives:

1) to strengthen the family unit;

2) to maintain well-rounded youth programs;

3) to support other organizations which serve children and youth.


National Family Week. A nationwide program to encourage family activities each day during the week of Thanksgiving in November.


Child Health. Our new alliance with the Children's Miracle Network (CMN) underscores The American Legion's mission and reputation as a caretaker of America's future - its children. C.M.N. affiliated hospitals provide quality health care to all children, regardless of condition or ability to pay.


Teenage Suicide Prevention. Teen suicides have shocked communities throughout the country. The American Legion actively supports programs of prevention and awareness and has published the brochure "Warning Signs: Suicide Prevention."

Temporary Financial Assistance. This Legion program started in 1925 and provides cash assistance for needy children of eligible veterans.

American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. The Foundation is unique, in that all contributions are awarded in grants to non-profit organizations for projects designed to assist children.

National Emergency Fund

The American Legion is actively involved in meeting the needs of both the community and individual Legion family members in the wake of a natural disaster. Any current year paid member of The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion is eligible to apply for temporary financial relief for losses sustained in a declared natural disaster. 

Since October 1989, the National Emergency Fund has provided over $3,000,000 in direct financial assistance to Legion family members and posts. All contributions made to this fund are deposited in a special account and are used exclusively to meet our members most urgent needs.

Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation

The Legion is an organization of veterans serving other veterans, their widows and widowers, and their orphans. To this end, the Legion was instrumental in the creation of the Department of Veterans Affairs (formerly the Veterans Administration), and is universally recognized as the originator of the G.I. Bill of Rights, and is constantly working to protect and preserve the rights and benefits to veterans through service to their country.

Board of Veterans Appeals. The Legion operates an Appeals Unit at the Board of Veterans Appeals in Washington, DC, who specialize in affording representation to veterans and claimants seeking satisfactory resolution of benefit claim determinations made by local VA regional offices or VA medical centers.

National Field Services. To ensure that veterans receive the quality of medical care they deserve and expect, the Legion's National Field Services conducts on-site field visits to individual VA medical centers and to network offices. The information and data received is used to support VA&.R activities in both congressional testimony and personal contacts with Members of Congress.


Military/Naval Discharge Review and Correction Boards. A team of Legion representatives provide assistance to former service members who seek upgrade of their less than honorable discharge or dismissals from the Armed Services. The Unit also assists veterans in obtaining decorations and medals through the various Armed Forces.


Persian Gulf Task Force. The American Legion's Persian Gulf War Task Force was created out of concern for America's newest generation of wartime veterans, providing service to these veterans, their families and their advocates.  The Task Force has undertaken rigorous clinical studies, Freedom of Information Act Requests, site visits to VA and DoD Medical Centers, and VA Regional Offices, and the creation of an Internet site for Gulf War veterans in need of assistance to call. All geared to help Gulf War veterans, including those who suffer from Gulf War illnesses.



 The American Legion is among those organizations that wield the greatest influence on the nation's legislative system. Through strong grassroots lobbying and a dedicated professional staff. The American Legion's "official voice" in the Halls of Congress continues to advance the legislative mandates for veterans and their families.


National Security


The American Legion has National Security policies in the areas of Aerospace, Energy, Merchant Marine, Defense Civil Preparedness, Law and Order, and Military and Naval Affairs. Implementation of these policies is accomplished through legislative action and coordination with the Department of Defense, Military Services and other agencies.


Junior Law Cadet Program. Many Legion Posts, working in conjunction with law enforcement agencies, have established programs to introduce high school students to law enforcement and to establish cadet camps.


ROTC Recognition Programs. Posts award American Legion ROTC,  Military Excellence and Scholastic Excellence Medals to outstanding high school and college ROTC students.


Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award Programs.  Presented annually at American Legion Post, State, Regional and National levels to recognize law enforcement officers for extraordinary performance to include superior community service.


Blood Donor Awards. As the nation's largest blood donor organization, The American Legion recognizes States for their individual and collective efforts in donating this "gift of life."

Employment and Economics


The American Legion has always been involved in issues that affect veterans economically. These issues include employment, job training, veterans preference, housing, small business and vocational rehabilitation. The National Economic Commission is responsible for ensuring that America's veterans have an  opportunity to provide, with dignity and honor, the economic necessities of life for themselves and their families. The Commission lobbies Congress and works closely with many federal agencies. It also works very closely with private sector organizations such as the National Organization on Disability, National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and the Veterans Organizations Homeless Council, and the Senior Corps of Retired Executives.


The American Legion Magazine


As a Legion member you receive a yearly subscription to The American Legion Magazine at no additional cost. This colorful monthly issue is packed full of general-interest features and updates on veterans' benefits to keep you informed of changes that affect you as a veteran.


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Lorton Post 162 - A Short History

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