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"Still Serving America" is the motto of The American Legion. Veterans who continue their service to America by still serving their communities. Veterans whose involvement in the community creates and supports the feeling of camaraderie which makes The American Legion the nation's largest and the most respected organization of wartime veterans. 

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Department of Virginia

History & By-Laws



The American Legion Riders was formed in 1993 in the state of Michigan.   They have grown and branched out to California, Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, and now in Virginia.  There are American Legion posts in Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky starting the American Legion Riders program. The American Legion Riders is not a motorcycle club.   The American Legion Riders is a veteran's organization, which happens to ride motorcycles.   Our membership is made up of the three parts of the American Legion Family. That Family, of course, is the American Legion member, Auxiliary member, and Son's of the Legion (SAL) member.

The purpose of The American Legion Riders is to participate in parades and other ceremonies that are within the aims and goals of the American Legion, to promote motorcycle safety; to provide a social atmosphere for the American Legion Family member; and to use our program to support other motorcycle organizations, the community and most of all our veterans, veteran homes, and hospitals.

The American Legion Riders have had the great honor of being Grand Marshall for the Ft. Lyons run, three years in a row. The American Legion Riders have flown the colors of The American Legion at Pike's Peak International Raceway two years in a row. Also, the American Legion Riders have been continued sponsors of the Run for the Wall, which ends up in Washington, DC. This year they had over 250,000 motorcycles in the Rally.

 The American Legion Riders of Virginia were the first to escort Korean War Veterans in a parade that took place in Charlottesville, VA. The Virginia American Legion Riders are a member organization of The Citizens Flag Alliance and received an award for being a Commemoration Partner for the 50th anniversary of the Korean War by the Secretary of Defense.

 The American Legion Riders also have a big interest in the POW/MIA issue. The American Legion Riders have been leading the POW/MIA Recognition Ride into Cripple Creek, Colorado. There have been over 2,800 motorcyclists from all over the country that joined us in keeping the POW/MIA issue alive. Senator Ben "Nighthorse" Campbell, Senior Senator from Colorado became a member of the American Legion during that time. The number of American Legion Riders is always growing.




Membership Requirements

To become a member of The American Legion Riders, the applicant must first be a member in good standing with the American Legion. All members must abide by the laws set forth by the Department of Motor Vehicles in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All members will follow the By-Laws of the American Legion as set forth in the "National Constitution and by-laws of the American Legion" and "Constitution and by-laws of the American Legion Department of Virginia, Inc.", the by-laws of your American Legion District, and the "by-laws of the American Legion Post you are riding for". The American Legion Rider by-laws are subordinate to each of the by-laws mentioned above.


Governing Body

The governing body of The American Legion Riders of Virginia shall be by committee, the members of which shall be appointed by the Department Commander and approved by the Department Executive Committee. The committee shall consist of a chairman and three vice-chairmen from each of the regions representing the Department of Virginia.  This committee shall operate as a sub-committee of the Department of Virginia's Americanism Committee.



This committee shall meet at the call of the committee chairman at all applicable department functions.


Rules of Conduct

Members of the American Legion Riders shall be held to the same standards of conduct as those of the American Legion.


American Legion Riders Jacket Patch



Patches are available and will be sold to the members of the American Legion Riders. They will be available for purchase from the committee chairman.  They are also available through the American Legion Emblem sales. We shall wear a black leather vest with the Rider patch placed on the back center of the vest. We must look uniform; therefore, other articles of clothing will not cover the vest.  There will be no other patch on the back of the vest.


A POW/MIA patch, an American Flag patch, an American Legion Patch (representing membership in either the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion or the American Legion Auxiliary), and a State Flag patch will be worn on the front of the vest. Any other patches or pins worn on the vest must be directly associated with the American Legion or branches of the U. S. Military with approval from your Post Commander. No pins will be placed on or above the American Flag patch





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